• statement processing
  • EBPP
  • critical documents stored on archive
  • print newsletters, inserts
  • disaster recovery

A Critical Document Delivery Company

Digital Data Centers is a leading provider for critical document delivery and business continuity. We deploy solutions that are reflective to each of our customers servicing their end-customer, by utilizing a combination of print-and-mail and digital deliveries that are all electronically monitored and tracked with proven technologies for maximizing revenue generation and compliance. All documents can be accessed through our secure online portal providing flexible payment and can be used for various customer management activities.

Our critical document delivery includes end-to-end digital security along with electronic ‘shredding’ capabilities to ensure personal privacy and protection of critical documents.

How Can Organizations Save Millions to their bottom line with Print-and-Mail Delivery?

• When third party provider not meeting expectations

• By knowing actual costs – remove capital expenditures: equipment, maintenance, upgrades, HVAC services and energy

• By reallocating in-house space, people and services

• Postage savings and mail delivery 1-2 days faster with DDC mail processing

• With Print & Programming innovations to consolidate, and hold to release processes

Disaster Recovery Means Data is Protected. Disaster Recovery for Critical Documents Means Revenue Generating Documents Never Stop. Are your critical documents protected?

• Mitigate risk of internal print center operations

• Continuation when employee resources are constrained or challenged

• Avoid disruption of in-bound or outbound revenue generating and critical documents

How are Critical Documents secure and protected?

• We are the Document Security Company providing:

o End-to-end, 100%, data encryption of invoices, checks, policies, tax documents, statements, notices, letters and more.

o Secure email with PDF attachment. Unauthorized attempts trigger electronic shredding.

o Perfect match technology enables bar code security on each printed and electronic document to ensure accuracy of document, its content and receiver.

How can you and your customers always be on the same page with payments?

• Visibility of online documents in a centralized location

• Real-time data of in-process mail delivery and return

• Text-based notification for easy and immediate electronic payment

• Partial-pay, future pay options with description for ongoing communication