Invoice Services & eBilling Services

Invoice and e-Billing
Digital transformation has been on a fast track. It has affected every aspect of the organization including the CFO office. Efforts to move customers from paper-based invoices, statements, bills and more to digital. Although not at 100%, efforts continue to be made. But what happens to those customers who can’t move to electronic billing due to location or internet access? Paper is still their main form of communication and needs to be supported.
That’s where Digital Data Centers comes in. We easily and effectively print and mail and email critical documents such as statements, invoices, policies, checks, tax documents and more. As customers move to digital over time, we’ll adjust right along with them.

Who’s Searching for a Print-to-Mail Solution
invoice redesign, bill redesign
• The CFO’s office is looking to find a more cost-effective solution than the aging in-house print center
• The company has an electronic cash management solution, but print is still needed for customers
• Companies searching for a way to merge companies, divisions even accounting systems in order to eliminate redundancies
• Ways to manage and track outgoing mail
• Mitigate risk for their A/R, cash management

What DDC’s Print-to-Mail Can Do for Your Business
• Track outgoing mail from processing through delivery
• Track and report remittance for revenue projections
• Option to view, manage and pay outstanding balances online in an easy to use, secure Portal
• Automatically apply convenience fees and surcharges for credit card users
• Automatic cash application applied from mailed critical documents in Portal
• Maintain exact PDF copy of critical documents in Portal for collections
• Consolidate multiple documents into a single envelope
• Volume postage discounts
• Distributive print all critical documents for faster delivery

What Print-to-Mail Can Do for Your Customer
• Ensure delivery each month
• Personalized attention. Upload as many dynamic messages you’d like tailored to your target audience.
• Getting all my critical documents in a single envelope
• Option for an easy and secure way to pay online

Take a look at our reports and Document Portal where all your information is electronically stored and managed.