Billing Services & Invoice Services

Billing Services, Invoice Services, Invoice Printing, Online Billing, Print & Mail, and e-Billing
Billing services or online billing, reducing the process and cost of creating and sending invoices manually. Billing services allows you to remove paper, postage and send electronic invoices to a designated person(s). The billing services includes all of the same critical information as before and can be sent in black, highlight color or full 4 color. By utilizing our billing services or invoice services, you will also be contributing to the environment by reducing the amount of paper, energy usage and delivery costs.

Send Bills & Bills Online
invoice redesign, bill redesign
Mailing invoices is yet one of the most popular ways to communicate with customers. DDC has proven methodologies for printing and sending invoices, also known as electronic bill presentment and payment, that allows invoices to be received faster resulting in quicker payments.
Send electronic invoices safely and securely with a secure connection, sending an electronic invoice identifical to a printed copy. Get reports of receipt and open of email, keeping you well informed on your customers.

Invoice Redesign
As part of your service, Digital Data Centers will help you achieve easy to read invoices with one of our pre-designed templates or a custom invoice solution. You can select one of our designs in gray scale, spot color or a full 4 color, or use your own design or let us update your document with the latest workflow. We’ll work with you to ensure the design works to its fullest allowing the information to be easy to read as well as easy to find. Include a promotional section integrated into your invoice that can be changed out each week, month or quarterly to help you cross sell services or spotlight campaigns, programs or announcements directly for your customer to view. Better yet, use various promotional messages that can be identified for different customer segments.

Invoice Printing & Sending
Mailing invoices can take a long time to be received, if it is even received. Digital Data Centers takes every precaution to ensure safe and fast deliver of each invoice by performing key mailing processes right in our 4 data, print and mailing centers located across the US. Key mailing processes include address correction (CASS Certification) and zip code sortation (PAVE Certification). These two steps speeds delivery and lower postage cost. Digital Data Centers also processes mail on Saturday to give you an additional day to get invoices into your customer’s hands. These steps typically improve delivery 1-2 days nationwide.

Invoice Technology
Digital Data Centers can easily and quickly print your invoices using digital print as well as offset printing depending on the requirements of the project. Each invoice contains specially printed, USPS approved, IMD bar code to quickly identify a customer name and address on a particular invoice. Digital Data Centers utilizes a Perfect Match Bar code located on each page of the invoice so it can be read and verified twice guaranteeing 100% accuracy. If your invoice contains multiple pages, Digital Data Centers will print on both sides of the paper using high quality paper eliminating any ‘bleeding’ of ink that can be viewed from one side to the next.
Distributive print is a great way to get as close to your customer as possible. Digital Data Centers has the technology to process your file centrally and then distribute to the print center in Chicago, Portland, Phoenix, and Miami, whichever one is closest to your customers’ zip code. By identifying which customer is best serviced with each data center, we can implement our proven best practices for saving on postage, time and ensuring that the mail gets to them faster helping you to realize revenue…faster.