Document Storage
Our Portal for document storage for critical documents such as invoices, statements, memos and any other supporting documents are easily accessed 24/7 with Digital Data Centers' Portal services. The Portal is accessed through the Internet, but managed through a series of authorizations allowing the right person to get to the original electronic documents quickly and easily.
Retrieve stored electronic documents by simply entering keywords that you have defined in your index. Sort and drill down to the exact documents needed. Once you’ve selected the document(s), view, print, email or fax the original electronic version to the person who needs it most. Store your information for up to 12 months or as long as you need immediate access to the bills, statements, memos and more.

Delivery and Notification
invoice redesign, bill redesign
Delivering and receiving notifications are critical to your business. Digital Data Centers Portal offers delivery and notification as part of its services so you can be sure you know what’s going on at all times. Manage your email and fax delivery options so you can maintain your electronic communications effectively. This will help keep printing to a minimum and mailing costs disappear.
Communicating specific information to a customer can cause confusion. One of the best ways to ensure accuracy is to send a personalized URL that takes your customer directly to the document being referenced. This will ensure accuracy of information and get to the end result more effectively.

Aged Portal
Aged Portals are a great way to be able to access vital documents such as invoices, statements, credit memos or ancillary files that are over 12 months old. Maintain your aged Portals with Digital Data Centers electronically where you can quickly and easily access them from anywhere in the world.
All invoices, statements and memos are indexed with keywords for easy research and retrieval. Sort the electronic files, drill down from a specific statement and look up the invoice(s) that coincide with the statement for greater detailed information. You can still print or email the electronic documents and forward to your customer if necessary.