• statement processing
  • EBPP
  • critical documents stored on archive
  • print newsletters, inserts
  • disaster recovery

A Critical Document Delivery Company

Digital Data Centers is a forward-looking company focused on delivering solutions that are needed in today’s print and digital world. As a critical document delivery company, we deliver a secure and proven print to mail or email workflow for statements & invoices, checks, notices, claims…anything that needs to be in compliance and/or generates revenue. We empower companies through data encryption and proven technologies, providing visibility into the email and mail stream with real-time information.

Disaster Recovery for Critical Documents

Disaster Recovery for Critical Documents is the unprotected, forgotten area within a company’s DR Plan. When unforeseen circumstances interrupt a company from normal business practices, we reduce risk by picking up right where they left off. We print, mail, email, track and report on critical documents ensuring a ‘business as usual’ result.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity means we are in an “at ready” position. When a company has identified a special project, temporary disruption, or current volumes increase, we step in to get the print, mail and email done. This service can be combined with Disaster Recovery alleviating the testing process and fees associated with DR.

Outsource the In-House Print Services

Outsource the In-House Print Services by reducing or eliminating non-core business practices. We take on the responsibility of printing, mailing, and emailing identified critical documents ensuring the entire workflow such as printing, emailing, delivery and tracking results for bottom-line savings. Use our proven technologies eSecure, Secure eMail, CONFIRMED!, Mail Tracking IMb, Perfect Match, and Enterprise Portal, to gain the competitive advantage.