Dynamic Cross Selling on Documents

Sell Products & Services Right on Invoices & Statements for Best Visibility
Dynamic cross selling is one of the most effective ways to get additional product or service noticed by your current customers.

dynamic cross selling on invoice and statements
Your customer base already has used or is currently using your products or services. Letting them know of other products and services is often times educating them for the first time. By allowing your statements, invoices and bills to multi-task, you can be sure customers are viewing their critical information AND information on additional products and services.

Ad Placements
Ads can be placed front and center with pictures, color and your special message. Change out the message monthly, or segment your list to include tailored ads. Hit the right message to the right group of customers! Design your own ad, or we can help create them for you. Just let us know.

Black and White Invoices & Statements
If you are currently sending out statements in black and white and challenging to read, Digital Data Centers will work with you to redesign your invoice and/or statement utilizing 4 color, highlight color and easy to read fonts all designed so your customer can find the information they are looking for quickly and simply.