PSDA 2018 - What's Different to Sell?

What's Different to Sell Your Customers in the Next 12 Months?
Let's begin with a special message to the PSDA distributors from Dale, President of Digital Data Centers. Click to listen.

Marketing Messages Directly on Invoices, Statements, Checks & More...
invoice redesign, bill redesign
Digital Data Centers works with your customer to re-design their statement, invoices, checks and more in order to incorporate color and graphics while organizing information in an easy to read format. This examples shows space allocated at the top, and most visibally seen, part of the document. Your customer can place 1, 2, 3 ads in this location, or in different areas of the document. Your customer can define groups to get targeted ads to ensure tailored messages. Customers can load up the ad or submit it to us each time they want to change their message. It's that easy.

Check Processing
Check processing is completed the same effective way as our invoices and statements. Our high speed printers print checks in 4 color, black and white along with our special MICR printing technology. Our proven levels of security, on and off the check, enable us to handle a wide variety of checks including insurance claims, payroll and other forms of payment.
check processing

SMS for Bill Payment
sms text messaging
Let your clients communicate with their customers, easily quickly and effectively with SMS text messaging.
* marketing messages
* payment messages
* emergency messages, disaster messages