eCheck, Check Printing & Distribution

eCheck, Check Printing & Distribution
Check print to mail, eCheck ACH check processing and distribution allows you the flexibility to make payments that takes advantage of transaction and operational cost savings, scheduled payments and overall timeliness. As customers continue to move from paper to electronic or back again… Digital Data Centers can quickly adapt to reflect the way your customer want to be paid.

Check Printing & Distribution

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Check print to mail is processed and completed the same way as our print to mail service for invoices & statements. Digital Data Centers’ high speed printers print checks in both monochrome and 4 color along with special MICR printing technology. With our proven and trackable security, we can handle a wide variety of check printing including accounts payable – A/P, insurance claims, payroll and invoices to name a few.
All check printing and distribution are printed in a highly secure, SOC compliant facility where every check is tracked, reported and accounted for. Checks inserted into the envelopes are processed at Digital Data Centers bringing the mailing process further down the delivery cycle saving time operationally and with postage. All printed checks are sorted by zip code and delivered to the post office for final delivery.

eCheck ACH Check Processing

eCheck ACH is a vital payment strategy designed to reduce the overall operational costs and streamline the payment process. As more customers are transitioning from check to eCheck ACH, you can be sure of our proven security ensuring all ACH transactions are tracked and reported.

Tax Form Printing & Distribution

Tax forms such as 1099, in99INT, 1098, 1099MISC, 1099-A, 1099-C are printed and mailed to meet IRS deadlines while saving money with the best possible postage rate. The Tax Forms can be sent alone or inserted with a letter or other additional materials. All envelopes are lined with a security tint for an extra level of protection.

Portal for Checks, Invoices, Statements, Collections, Proof of Delivery

Digital Data Centers’ electronic archive is specially designed to search, sort and drill down to the exact critical document(s) such as invoices, statements, checks, tax forms, proof of delivery and more in order to view, print, email or fax the original electronic version. When customer questions arise or internal research needs to be done fast, the Pportal system gets you the information fast!

Check Stub Marketing

Capturing and maintaining long term customers is vital to any business. With all of the ‘noise’ out in the marketplace today, its challenging to get your message heard…even to your own customer.
Digital Data Centers offers various ways to communicate your message and cross sell additional products and services extending the purchasing cycle. One great way is with check stubs. If it’s a check, you can be sure that person will touch and view the check along with the check stub. With the attached check stub, you can add black to 4 color to promote your message directly onto the check stub. Not only will it get viewed, but most times check stubs remain for years to come offering long-term visibility of your product or service.
Keep you check stub marketing advertisement consistent across all customers, or segment it out giving different ads to the right audience. Digital Data Centers can help you get the right message to the right person.
View some of the other ways you can get your message into the hands of customers with our cross selling marketing programs.