Bill Processing & Invoice Processing

100% Encryption: Safety in Sending Data
Data encryption or eSecure by Digital Data Centers eliminates exposure of data when sending files through email with an attached data file.
Data exposure and data security is one of the key reasons companies decide to process invoices, statements and checks in-house. Performing repetitive tasks such as printing and folding, wastes valuable time and resources. We've perfected the process with proven technologies for fast, efficient, accurate and secure distribution of your critical documents. To ensure the safety and security of data-in-transit, we offer proven, state-of-the-art technology, eSecure, where your critical data is 100% encrypted. We have gone to great lengths to be certain that your critical data is always protected from the time it leaves your company to the time it's mailed, emailed or faxed by Digital Data Centers. If at any time the data is at risk, it is immediately shredded.
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Control & Track the Life of the Data Files
You have complete control over how long your data files or emails can be used. You can choose a single day, a week or even a year. The timeframe is defined and set by you.
Data ownership remains with you. You can track and review access logs to all of your data files to ensure the proper authority is opening the files. You'll always get an email notification when the data is processed or if the file is tampered in any way. All information is also recorded through our standard reporting procedures ensuring proper handling of all critical data.
Remember, all information sent is 100% encrypted and never compromised. We take the steps to ensure the highest level of security for your critical data files while in transit.