Statement Printing & eProcessing

Statement Printing & Electronic Statement Processing
Electronic statements or Statement Printing allow your customers to access critical information quickly and effectively through electronic distribution. It streamlines the current process of creating and sending statements while eliminating the cost of paper, postage and ink and reducing energy. You can be sure all customers will receive their statements to the right person(s) securely, without being blocked by filters.
All electronic statements or e-statements retain critical information as they did before and can be sent in black and white, spot color or full 4 color.

Print to Mail Statements
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Sending your customer monthly statements in the mail ensures that your customer recalls the previous month’s activities. Digital Data Centers has proven techniques for printing and sending statements that allows statements to be received faster through the USPS. This allows customers to verify their most current activities so they can move forward with additional transactions.
As part of your service, Digital Data Centers will help you achieve easy to read statements with one of our pre-designed templates. You can select one of our designs in gray scale, spot color or a full four color, or use your own design. We’ll work with you to ensure the design works to its fullest allowing the information to be easy to read as well as easy to find. Include a promotional section integrated into your statement that can be changed out with each new statement to help you cross sell services or spotlight campaigns, programs or announcements directly for your customer to view. Better yet, use various promotional messages that can be identified for different customer segments.

Mailing Statements
Mailing statements takes a lot of manual labor to prepare, send and process. Digital Data Center’s experience ensures safe and fast delivery of each statement by performing key mailing processes right in our 4 data, print and mailing centers. Each customer receives quality services including address correction (CASS Certification) and zip code sortation (PAVE Certification). These two steps speeds delivery and lower postage cost, directly affecting your bottom line.
Digital Data Centers also processes mail on Saturday to give you an additional day to get statements processed and mailed directly to your customer. Our efforts on average improve delivery by 1-2 days from coast to coast.

Print Statements
Printing statements using digital print or offset print are always done to your specifications. Each statement, just like your invoices will contain specially printed, USPS approved, IMD bar code to quickly identify a customer name and address. We utilize the Perfect Match Barcode system that gets placed on each page of the statement in order to guarantee 100% accuracy each time. Many times, statements consist of more than one page that can be easily printed on both sides of the paper. We use high quality paper so each page looks perfect without ink showing through the paper.
Because Digital Data Centers currently operates 5 data centers in Chicago, Portland, Phoenix and Miami, print and mailing are located strategically across the United States. We can put into practice our distributive print technologies so we can process your file centrally and then distribute part or all to the print center(s). By printing close to their zip code, we can print, process and send faster and more efficiently saving on postage and time while maximizing your hard earned revenues.