Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay, Electronic Payment Solution
Electronic payment solution enables bills to be created, delivered and paid over the Internet in a secure way. The use of electronic payment processing allows you to increase your cash flow as customers get their bills faster and as a result you get past faster. You'll also be able to reduce your customer service expenses and operating costs by empowering your customers to get the information they need right at their fingertips, 24/7.
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ePay, Digital Data Centers' solution for electronic payment processing of invoices and statements is a secure way for your customers to easily check for open invoices, pay partial or full invoices or even verify if a payment was made. Our ePay system has been developed with years of refinement...meaning our system has grown to accommodate many of our user requests, making it one of the most robust electronic payment systems in the marketplace today.

By using the services of Digital Data Centers, you'll be able to maintain the 'look' and 'feel' of your current invoice, statements and memos from hard copy to electronic.
* Utilize our Portal to access documents quickly and easily regardless of where you are at. You can access the Portal 24/7 without the use of a customer services person.
* Collect payment from your customer either electronically or by sending the payment by US mail.
* Your customer has a choice of paying the electronic invoice with our user friendly ePay system, customized with your company information so your customer gets the kind of experience they deserve: easy to use, self explanatory and secure.