Billing & Payment Automation for Faster Distribution & Payment for the Commercial, Facility & Residential Markets

Many companies service both the business and residential markets making it challenging bill clients and collect payments on time. But if you are a pest control, landscape HVAC, security, data services lighting or even waste removal company, your goal is to realize revenues from customers faster. Meaning, invoices must go out on-time, be received faster and paid by the customer even sooner.

commercial, facility and residential markets invoice redesign, commercial, facility and residential markets bill redesign
Move to a highly secure, billing automation focused company like Digital Data Centers with over 25 years of serving companies that service the commercial, facility and/or residential markets. You’ll be able to:
• Send invoices and statements 1-2 days faster
• Give customers a choice to pay online with our secure cloud payment with notification or continue to send you a check
• Give customers 24x7 secure access to current invoices, past open & paid bills with cloud document storage & retrieval

Digital Data Centers works with leading enterprise software systems such as SAP and Oracle. As a SOC compliant company, you can be sure we take security seriously. Learn more about our robust automated billing, payment and disaster recovery solutions:
• invoice, statement
• electronic billing
• electronic statements
• letters / critical documents
• Secure Cloud Payment
• ePay Notification: text, autopay, phone
• marketing
• dynamic messaging
• envelope marketing
• statement redesign
• collections support
• cloud document storage & retrieval
• Lock Box

Disaster Recovery
• secure cloud infrastructure
• business continuity

Certification & Compliance
• CASS Certified
• PAVE Certified
• SOC Compliant
• PCI Compliant
• NACHA Compliant