Overflow Services

Overflow Services
Companies that print-and-mail their own critical documents can get overwhelmed when the in-house print experiences labor shortages, increased workload and additional projects. The additional stress to the print center staffs and IT can result in damaging the company’s brand reputation, reducing profitability and slowing revenue. Adjusting to an intermittent or permanent change can be challenging. This is where businesses need to set up overflow services.
When a company like Digital Data Centers relieves the print center of extra projects, you can be sure every project gets the personalized attention it needs in order to get printed, mailed, and tracked throughout the process accurately and efficiently. Our print centers are located in strategic areas of the U.S. and Canada so mailing can be distributed closer to the customer. As the USPS announced recently, mail delivery will take an extra few days to get cross country. It’s critical to take advantage of DDC’s distributive print services, electronic billing and payment portal to maximize delivery and revenue recognition.

What to Expect with DDC Overflow Services
Digital Data Centers is there when you need us the most. Here’s what you can expect from us:
• Prior to projects starting, we’ll discuss overflow projects, prepare documents and test the communication, transfer, review, hold outs, and approval system so response times are fast and work performed is accurately completed
• All printing is performed in SOC compliant facilities
• You can choose the level of security and tracking on your print and mail documents. Ask us about eSecure and Secure Mail for your security and tracking needs.
• All documents have the option of being accessed through our Document Portal for online payment, document lookup and more.

If you’re concerned about getting behind on your print and mail projects and IT needs a high level of security to protect the company’s revenue, contact Digital Data Centers today. We’re your partner that helps keep revenue flowing into your company.