Insurance Outsource Critical Documents Delivery for Efficiency Scalability and Security

Insurance is a paper intensive industry. Each critical document has its own life cycle centered around the printing, mailing of policies, claims, checks, renewals, and cancelations. Historically this process has been done internally due to security issues.

insurance invoice redesign, insurance bill redesign
Digital Data Centers outsource workflows applies extensive security measures, print and mail automation plus technical innovation to relieve this burden.
• Accept print ready file output in a variety of formats including PDF
• Same day next day delivery options via mail or email
• Retain the internal IMB for tracking cancelations
• Alternatively apply IMB for DDC to track
• Certificate of Mailing 3600 FCM Time Stamp
• Perfect Match technology for document integrity with in the envelope
• eSecure provides 100% data encryption during receipt, processing and storage
• Preview website to proof and approve document jobs before print and mail
• Document cloud with 365, 24x7 secure access to view, retrieve, reprint or email exact copy; storage of 24 months or more

That’s just some of what we can do for you.
• policyholder document notification
• invoices, statement, claims
• electronic billing
• check processing
• letters / critical documents
• electronic statements
• ePay notification: text, autopay, phone
• secure cloud payment
• dynamic messaging
• envelope marketing
• statement redesign
• marketing
• collections support
• cloud document storage & retrieval
• notice of reinstatement
• renewal declaration
• policy cancellation notice
• Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
• Lender Placed Insurance Letter
• Notice of Collateral Protection
• Legal Notices
• Secondary Notification Letters
• Proof of Mailing
• Lock Box

Disaster Recovery
• secure cloud infrastructure
• business continuity

Certification & Compliance
• CASS Certified
• PAVE Certified
• SOC Compliant
• PCI Compliant
• NACHA Compliant
• HIPAA Compliant