Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity for Critical Document Delivery

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity for Critical Document Delivery
Disaster Recovery has always been associated with hurricanes, tornados, equipment failure, worker strikes and power outages. Those that have created the DR plan knew exactly what to do as the disaster never halted 100% of an operation.
Today, disasters are being redefined by worldwide pandemics, civil unrests and natural disasters all occurring at the same time. These new experiences have uncovered an area of the company once thought to be protected. The inhouse print center.

Inhouse Print Center
The inhouse print center prints, faxes, mails and emails thousands to millions of critical documents each month. Critical documents such as checks, policies, claims, statements, invoices, notices and any other document that’s vital to maintain compliance and a steady stream of revenue. Many mid-size to large organizations as well as Local and State governments suffered great distress as these revenues generating and compliance documents were unable to be processed or were late. Declarations are then enacted.
invoice redesign, bill redesign
The disaster recovery plan will include a passive or active test process with document validation for all of your document programs including data receipt, process, print, insert and sample validation. This process will further allow for testing of your document modifications and configuration objects.

Disaster Recovery for Compliance & Critical Documents
When a disaster forces a change to the operation, Digital Data Center is there to begin where you left off for your critical processing and mailing. With years of experience dedicated to critical document delivery, Digital Data Centers has kept the operation performing seamlessly and without interruption. This can be accomplished by our scalable, proven methodology through quarterly or annual validation testing, active / passive testing and monthly communications ensuring a seamless transition if a declaration is ever enacted.
Digital Data Centers boasts a 99.99% uptime with processing centers located around the U.S. The Company maintains SOC, NACHA, PCI and HIPPA compliance with high level security on the transfer and processing of critical documents with 100% encryption through the lifecycle of a document: eSecure, eMail delivery: Secure eMail, mail delivery with tracking, as well as document verification: Perfect Match Barcode Technology.

Business Continuity for Overflow and At Ready Critical Processing
Inhouse print centers are under constant stress to maintain a high level of accuracy and deliverability. When special printing projects are added or current workloads increase, it creates an overflow of work. In order for business to remain uninterrupted, Digital Data Center’s Business Continuity for Overflow is always in an ‘At Ready’ position to take on the critical document or check processing.
Our Business Continuity for Overflow works in unison with Disaster Recovery for Critical Documents. As Digital Data Centers is a document and check processing center with data centers strategically located across the U.S., our business is to ensure the fast, accurate and more efficient delivery of checks and critical documents utilizing the same proven technologies under the strict compliant guidelines.
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