B2B Billing & Payment Automation for Faster Manufacturing & Supply Chain Profits

Manufacturers are constantly balancing their finances from the supply chain with their customers. One way to stay ahead is to realize revenues from customers faster. That means invoices must go out on-time, be received faster and paid by the customer even sooner.

manufacturing invoice redesign, manufacturing bill redesign
By streamlining invoices and payment with 25+ year veteran, Digital Data Center, you’ll be able to:
• Send out bills 1-2 days faster
• Give customers a choice to pay online with our secure cloud payment with notification or continue to send you a check
• Give customers 24x7 secure access to current bills, past open & paid bills with cloud document storage & retrieval

Digital Data Centers works with leading enterprise software systems such as SAP and Oracle. As a SOC compliant company, you can be sure we take security seriously. Learn more about our robust automated billing, payment and disaster recovery solutions:
• invoice, statement
• electronic billing
• electronic statements
• letters / critical documents
• secure cloud payment
• ePay notification: text, autopay, phone
• marketing
• dynamic messaging
• envelope marketing
• statement & invoice redesign
• collections support
• cloud document storage & retrieval
• lock box

Disaster Recovery
• secure cloud infrastructure
• business continuity

Certification & Compliance
• CASS Certified
• PAVE Certified
• SOC Compliant
• PCI Compliant
• NACHA Compliant