Aging Services Can Make Billing & Payment Manageable and Profitable

The aging services business continues to grow as demand for high quality senior care rises. What’s challenging is the lack of precedence regarding billing. Who to bill? Thirty three percent (33%) of the aging marketing will rely on family members and friends to pay for care. That could mean multiple bills to process and mail correctly and on time.
The billing and payment lifecycle is more than a full-time job. How can you provide a high level of service and yet get paid? Digital Data Centers.
Digital Data Centers can take your invoice and bill it to multiple people: resident, family members, friends…or others. Then the billing recipients can pay online. This way they can pay the entire bill, part of the bill or pay future bill(s).

As an SOC compliant data center, you can be sure we take security seriously. Learn more about our aging services.
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• electronic billing
• electronic statements
• letters / critical documents
• Secure Cloud Payment
• ePay Notification: text, autopay, phone
• IVR Payment in Multiple Languages
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• dynamic messaging
• envelope marketing
• statement redesign
• collections support
• cloud document storage & retrieval
• Lock Box

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Compliance & Certifications
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